Jessica (jossisycaa) wrote in audio_sex,

Yoko Kanno - Song to Fly

Requested by Dark Saviour

Artist: Yoko Kanno, the GODDESS of Music
Album: Song to Fly
Genre: chanting, opera, pop, orchestra, weirdass ear-candy
Comments: I LOVE this album almost more than my own mother. Every track is fanfuckingtastic EXCEPT for track 3, Next Time. I say that only because the vocalist of the song gives me the severe creeps and the song is kinda annoying. The song also scares me because it magically appeared on my computer years ago when I distinctly remember NOT downloading it. Anyway, as for the rest of the album, it's just pure Yoko Kanno gloriousness! My favorite song is The Man in the Desert, and it's actually my absolute favorite Yoko Kanno song out of anything she's ever done as well as being my favorite song in the WORLD. It has the most perfect build up and combination of instruments and choir. God I love it. So, you should all download this album or lose at life. This is considered Yoko Kanno's solo album. It's not connected to any show or movie. Another awesome tidbit is that one of the tracks, Atomic Bird (sung by the amazing Cosmic Voices From Bulgaria ) was put on a New York radio station a couple years ago. I thought that was pretty cool. My Goddess on my radio... just a nice surprise.

I would also like to mention that I've recently downloaded a ton of new music, so I'll be adding those to my CD list for you guys to look at and request. Mostly new soundtracks, lots of Tori Amos, Linkin Park, some other artists, and a pack of random Imogen Heap songs that aren't on any of her albums apparently. Maybe on her newer one (is that out yet?).
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