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Brand New Yoko Kanno Soundtrack - A MUST HAVE!

Holy shit, she's done it again. This soundtrack is all kinds of awesome and I'm definitely impressed. I JUST recieved it today and I'm holding to my promise that I'd post it as soon as I got it. OMFG more Origa and Ilaria - I LOVE them! So basically, you all need to own this soundtrack. Download it, LOVE it, and then be an honest human being and buy it afterwards. I like to believe that most of you will, or plan to, buy the music you download from here. It's the right thing to do.

Artist: Yoko Kanno, the GODDESS of Music. With vocals by Origa, Ilaria Graziano, and someone/some group called Heartsdales. And of course Gabriela Robin, but we all know that she's really just Yoko Kanno's alter ego.
Album: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
Genre: the works! Alternative rock, progressive, country twanging stuff, acoustic, weirdo chanting, Techno, Electronica, jazz, dramatic instrumentals, military-esc prettiness, etc.
Comments: Again... OMFG. Download this for the WIN!
Where can I buy this?: or
Please leave a comment if you download.
It's not like I'm asking for you to give me a kidney or something. :P
Tags: anime, ghost in the shell, yoko kanno
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