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Brand New Yoko Kanno Soundtrack - A MUST HAVE!

Holy shit, she's done it again. This soundtrack is all kinds of awesome and I'm definitely impressed. I JUST recieved it today and I'm holding to my promise that I'd post it as soon as I got it. OMFG more Origa and Ilaria - I LOVE them! So basically, you all need to own this soundtrack. Download it, LOVE it, and then be an honest human being and buy it afterwards. I like to believe that most of you will, or plan to, buy the music you download from here. It's the right thing to do.

Artist: Yoko Kanno, the GODDESS of Music. With vocals by Origa, Ilaria Graziano, and someone/some group called Heartsdales. And of course Gabriela Robin, but we all know that she's really just Yoko Kanno's alter ego.
Album: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
Genre: the works! Alternative rock, progressive, country twanging stuff, acoustic, weirdo chanting, Techno, Electronica, jazz, dramatic instrumentals, military-esc prettiness, etc.
Comments: Again... OMFG. Download this for the WIN!
Where can I buy this?: or
Please leave a comment if you download.
It's not like I'm asking for you to give me a kidney or something. :P
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Dolce Triade - Last Exile OST 1

Requested by astral_crust

Artist: Dolce Triade with Hitomi and Shuntaro
Album: Last Exile OST 1
Genre: anime soundtrack, orchestra, vocals, etc
Comments: I admit, I'm not very familiar with this soundtrack. I've only listened to it a couple times but it's good, I just have too many CDs and I tend to listen to my other stuff more often. I'd definitely recommend the anime, Last Exile though. It's very nicely animated and has a pretty cool story from what I saw of it so far. And the soundtrack works great. Has a lot of sounds that work with aerial scenes. Oh, and track one is an AMAZING song, omg.
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new mod!

hey all! just wanted to step in and introduce myself. i'm a new moderator here at audio_sex. =0) anyways, i don't have my complete music collection with me as this is a new computer and my old one (with everything on it) is in ny along with my cds, so all i have here is what was on my ipod. good news is i'll be heading back there in a month or two. when i do, i'll post a new music list. until then, here's what i have to offer:

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*remember, same rules apply to me as for the rest of the community. if you want something, request it on the request post.
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Motha fuckin snakes on this motha fuckin plane!!

I happened upon an interesting song I thought I might share with everyone. I had already uploaded it for a friend so I might as well post it here too! I got it from a really great MP3 sharing livejournal community (I'll find out the name and let you guys know). Anyway, the song is about Snakes On a Plane and not only is it funny but it's also quite good. Enjoy!
Okay, I've been informed that this is a song from the actual movie, that it plays during the credits. I never saw the movie nor do I ever intend to, unless for the purpose of a drinking game. So yeah, this isn't just a spoof song like I thought.

Cobra Starship - Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)
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Yoko Kanno - Song to Fly

Requested by Dark Saviour

Artist: Yoko Kanno, the GODDESS of Music
Album: Song to Fly
Genre: chanting, opera, pop, orchestra, weirdass ear-candy
Comments: I LOVE this album almost more than my own mother. Every track is fanfuckingtastic EXCEPT for track 3, Next Time. I say that only because the vocalist of the song gives me the severe creeps and the song is kinda annoying. The song also scares me because it magically appeared on my computer years ago when I distinctly remember NOT downloading it. Anyway, as for the rest of the album, it's just pure Yoko Kanno gloriousness! My favorite song is The Man in the Desert, and it's actually my absolute favorite Yoko Kanno song out of anything she's ever done as well as being my favorite song in the WORLD. It has the most perfect build up and combination of instruments and choir. God I love it. So, you should all download this album or lose at life. This is considered Yoko Kanno's solo album. It's not connected to any show or movie. Another awesome tidbit is that one of the tracks, Atomic Bird (sung by the amazing Cosmic Voices From Bulgaria ) was put on a New York radio station a couple years ago. I thought that was pretty cool. My Goddess on my radio... just a nice surprise.

I would also like to mention that I've recently downloaded a ton of new music, so I'll be adding those to my CD list for you guys to look at and request. Mostly new soundtracks, lots of Tori Amos, Linkin Park, some other artists, and a pack of random Imogen Heap songs that aren't on any of her albums apparently. Maybe on her newer one (is that out yet?).
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Yoko Kanno - The Vision of Escaflowne OST 3

Request by sofiesverden

Artist: Yoko Kanno, the GODDESS of Music (with Hajime Mizoguchi, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, Maaya Sakamoto, ACEILUX, Julia Wilson, Masatoshi Furukawa)
Album: The Vision of Escaflowne OST 3
Genre: orchestra, j-pop vocals, opera
Comments: Let me just say, The Vision of Escaflowne is still to this day my favorite TV show of all TV shows, not just anime. And the music is absolutely gorgeous. it was my introduction to Yoko Kanno and thus, I have an extreme love for it. Escaflowne's music is a pure masterpiece that can please the ear of any listener. I constantly compare Yoko Kanno's other soundtracks to Escaflowne and usually, Escaflowne stays on top. If you love Yoko Kanno, you're obligated to download the music from escaflowne and if you don't already own the other CDs, you should certainly request them right away because this one isn't even the best of the 5 that are out there.
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Yoko Kanno - Macross Plus OST 2

Requested by ingridresearch

Artist: Yoko Kanno, GODDESS of Music
Album: Macross Plus OST 2
Genre: Jazz, pop, techno, chanting, etc, etc, ETC
Comments: Wow, Macross Plus music is seriously at the very top of the list of the MOST AMAZING Yoko Kanno music ever made. Again, there's wonderful variety that keeps the music from ever getting old, beautiful vocals, unique sounds, and in short, a soundtrack to tug at your heart strings and reach out to your soul. You want this.
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Yoko Kanno - Into the Another World

Requested by betani

Artist: Yoko Kanno, GODDESS of Music
Album: Into the Another World
Genre: chanting, tribal, new age, j-pop, celtic, etc, etc, ETC
Comments: This is one of my FAVORITE Yoko Kanno Soundtracks, partly because I'm a HUGE fan of Earth Girl Arjuna, but mostly because this CD is GORGEOUS. It is one of her most eclectic CDs and I love every song. I rarely skip any tracks when listening to it.
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More Yoko Kanno

Requested by arielle_san

Artist: Yoko Kanno and Maaya Sakamoto
Album: The Other Side of Midnight/23ji no Ongaku
Genre: various
Comments: I've always known this music as being on the album of 23ji No Ongaku, but it is also known as The Other Side of Midnight. I don't know why there are two album names. But the music is awesome and covers a lot of musical ground. The vocals and instrumental songs blend nicely to create one cohesive album. You'd do well to download this.
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Poe - Haunted

Requested by styromgalleries

Artist: Poe
Album: Haunted
Genre: various
Comments: This review from says it all: Extending over 15 wildly diverse tracks linked together by ambient interludes and spooky tape splices of old cassette recordings featuring the singer's late father, documentary filmmaker Tad Danielewski, the album shows the songstress moving effortlessly through ethereal folk-hop ("Haunted"), Shania Twain-style country rock ("Walk the Walk"), and flamenco-infused balladry ("Spanish Doll"). The only constant through the turbulence--emotional and otherwise--remains her desperately romantic voice and its desire to bid her father a proper farewell at every turn. --Jaan Uhelszki
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