Jessica (jossisycaa) wrote in audio_sex,

The NEW Request post as of 10/19/06

If you look to the right of the main page, you'll see a link to this post. That way, whenever you have a request, this entry will be easy to find.

It will be much easier if you lovies make requests for things that I ACTUALLY HAVE. Check my music lists on the info page or check out these links (which I'll also eventually put on the main page) - JossIsycaa's unfinished (but more detailed) Music List - JossIsycaa's Organized CD list (more complete)

At the moment, I'm not sure if Alana, Orwin, and Mike will be involved with this community at the moment. The four of us disappeared for a while because we were very very busy, so the three of them may still be too busy to come back. I'll find out. Also, because of a very busy schedule, Jessica will unfortunately NOT be able to find albums or individual songs for you guys (sorry), so only ask her for what she has on her lists.

- I understand that many of you are short for cash, but if you enjoy an album that you download PLEASE support the artists and BUY IT. Most of the stuff that I post for you has been aquired LEGALLY and I've bought stuff just so I could post it here for you guys.
- If you download anything you are required to leave a comment saying what you downloaded. It's polite to do, so do it. We can tell when our stuff is being downloaded so if we see that there aren't any comments on downloaded posts, hell will be raised. Plus, we just like to see what you guys are downloading so that it helps us know what to post when we do our non-request posts.
- Only make requests on THIS post. It's hard to keep track of all of your requests if you make them on random posts. Help us keep organized!
- Only one request per person at one time. When your request is filled, only then may you make a request again. Also, do not leave a request with two albums asking us to choose either or. ONE ALBUM AT A TIME. Asking for "The Cowboy Bebop OSTs" (for example) does not count as one album or one request. If you want to get all of the albums from a particular series/movie/whatever, pick the one you want the most and request it first. When it is posted, only then can you request another one.
- Please do not request an album that has recently been posted recently. Check the date and if it was posted within a month, you can most likely still download it as I will be using Megaupload and they keep files up for a month. I will ignore your request if you ask for it within a month from it being posted.

- Artist name/band
- Album name
- The uploading service you want us to use (if you have a particular one you like): Megaupload, YouSendIt, RapidShare, other.
- Let us know whether you want us to upload it as one full rar/zip file or as individual mp3s. If you don't let us know, we will automatically upload it as a rar file.


  • Hans Zimmer - Tears of the Sun
  • Random Song Post
  • Imogen Heap - Megaphone
  • Last Exile OST 2
  • Yoko Kanno - Macross Plus OST 2 (reupload)
  • Yoko Kanno - Earth Girl Arjuna - Into the Another World (reupload)
Individual Songs:
  • Glow Your Knight - Yoko Kanno (from Please Save My Earth OST 2)
  • a bunch o songs - Imogen Heap (covers, songs from soundtracks, songs not on her albums as far as I know)

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