Jessica (jossisycaa) wrote in audio_sex,

Yoko Kanno - Wolf's Rain

Hey babes! I've got more music for you all! This one was requested by silverfuzz

Artist: Yoko Kanno, the GODDESS of Music
Album: Wolf's Rain OST 2
Genre: Soundtrack music, some jazz, brazillian themes, elevator music (and I say that most affectionately)
Comments: Seems you can't have one Wolf's Rain soundtrack without the other. the first one has better vocals (and more of them) and I seem to like the instrumentals on the second one more that the first. Dunno, just an observation. Wolf's Rain has amazingly beautiful music and should be loved by any that's willing to give it a try.
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Snagging the Kanno kandy, thank you very much! :D
Ooh! I'm definitely downloading. I've bought a few other Kanno soundtracks and I've been contemplating Wolf's Rain, so this should help me make my decision. Thanks!
whooo~ it's nice having the second soundtrack to go with the first. snagged and thank you. i'm glad to see this com running again :D
Eek! Thanks so much!
AW, thanks. Yoko Kanno is always ♥
Thanks so very much! :D
stealing it. i have NO music on my comp. =0(

BEAUTIFUL music!! Thanks :D
Thank you I was looking for this.