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new mod!

hey all! just wanted to step in and introduce myself. i'm a new moderator here at audio_sex. =0) anyways, i don't have my complete music collection with me as this is a new computer and my old one (with everything on it) is in ny along with my cds, so all i have here is what was on my ipod. good news is i'll be heading back there in a month or two. when i do, i'll post a new music list. until then, here's what i have to offer:

each song is an individual request unless specified as being part of an album (in which case you can request the whole album)

-Breakfast at Tiffany’s
-Can’t Help Falling in Love with You
-Every Breath you Take
-For the Longest Time
-I Can See Clearly Now
-King of Wishful Thinking

Afro Man
-Because I got High

Alicia Keys

-Hey Ya
-bombs over Baghdad

Ani DiFranco
-Falling is Like This
-Both Hands (guitar version)
-Hour Follows Hour
-32 Flavors
-Every Angle
-Untouchable Face (Fuck You)

The Argument
-Inflatable Amy

Avril Lavigne
-Anything but Ordinary
-I’m With You

The Barenaked Ladies
**Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits
-The Old Apartment
-Brian Wilson (Live)
-Be my Yoko Ono
-it’s only me (the wizard of magicland)
-if I had $1,000,000
-get in line
-lovers in a dangerous time
-what a good boy (live)
-thanks that was fun
-too little too late
-never do anything
-pinch me
-go home
-falling for the first time
-sell sell sell
-humor of the situation
-baby seat
-off the hook
-tonight is the night I fell asleep at the wheel
**Maybe You Should Drive
-alternative girlfriend
-am I the only one
-everything old is new again
-great provider
-life, in a nutshell
-little tiny song
-the wrong man was convicted
-these apples
-you will be waiting
-one week
-it’s all been done
-light up my room
-I’ll be that girl
-call and answer
-who needs sleep
-told you so
-some fantastic
-when you dream

The Beatles
-a little help from my friends
-hey jude
-got to get you into my life
-all you need is love

Ben Folds
-best imitation of myself

Black Eyed Peas
-hey mama

Bon Jovi
-it’s my life

Catch 22
-dear Sergio

Counting Crows
-I’m not sleeping
-have you seen me lately?

David Bowie
-chilly down (from labyrinth)

Dresden Dolls
-girl anachronism
-good day
-coin operated boy (live)
-coin operated boy
-glass slipper
-half jack
-christopher lyden
-bad habit
-bank of boston beauty queen

Escaflowne (movie)
-horse ride
-enter the dragon slayers
-call your name (piano version)

Eve 6
-inside out

Faye Wong
-dream person

The Goo Goo Dolls
-black balloon

-clint eastwood

-into the maze
-fa fa fa

-celebrity skin

-get over it

Jill Sobule
-I kissed a girl

Joni Mitchell
-big yellow taxi

Kate Ryan

Linkin Park
-in the end
-breaking the habit

Little Shop of Horrors
-grow for me
-feed me (get it)

Loudon Wainwright
-I wish I were a lesbian

Lilo and Stitch
-he mele no lilo
-burning love

MC Chris
-dq blizzard
-fett’s vett
-fucking up my Christmas

-fraggle rock theme
-it’s not easy being green

-all apologies

-dragostea din tei crystal mix (bonus track)
-dragostea din tei nectar remix (bonus track)
-dragostea din tei

-champagne supernova
-don’t go away
-don’t go away (acoustic)

Okazaki Ritsuko
-fruits basket opening

PM Dawn
-fantasia’s confidential ghetto

Garden State Soundtrack
-in the waiting line

-I should tell you

Rob Thomas
**Something to Be
-ever the same
-I am an illusion
-all that I am
-fallin’ to pieces

-fly on the wings of love

Sarah McLachlan

Sir Mix-A-Lot
-baby got back

Straylight Run
-existentialism on prom night

System of a Down

Tenecious D
-jesus ranch
-fat albert – warning
-I’m the only gay Eskimo
-fuck her gently
-inward singing
-hard fucking
-cock pushups
-friendship test
-karate schnitzel
-double team
-city hall

-theme song

They Might be Giants
-boss of me

Tom Petty
-don’t come around here no more
-free fallin’

Tori Amos
-crucify (Golgotha mix)

Tracy Chapman
-fast car
-give me one reason


The Vines
-I’m only sleeping

Violent Femmes
-blister in the sun

-dear old shiz
-dancing through life
-I’m not that girl
-a sentimental man
-defying gravity
-I’m not that girl (reprise)
-as long as you’re mine
-for good

*remember, same rules apply to me as for the rest of the community. if you want something, request it on the request post.
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Welcome to the family darling!! I can't wait until you come back home so that we can have time to hang out! The people here will seriously benefit from the great CDs in your collection, so it will be awesome when you finally get your CDs back in your possession! Yay Betani!!!