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new mod!

hey all! just wanted to step in and introduce myself. i'm a new moderator here at audio_sex. =0) anyways, i don't have my complete music collection with me as this is a new computer and my old one (with everything on it) is in ny along with my cds, so all i have here is what was on my ipod. good news is i'll be heading back there in a month or two. when i do, i'll post a new music list. until then, here's what i have to offer:

each song is an individual request unless specified as being part of an album (in which case you can request the whole album)

-Breakfast at Tiffany’s
-Can’t Help Falling in Love with You
-Every Breath you Take
-For the Longest Time
-I Can See Clearly Now
-King of Wishful Thinking

Afro Man
-Because I got High

Alicia Keys

-Hey Ya
-bombs over Baghdad

Ani DiFranco
-Falling is Like This
-Both Hands (guitar version)
-Hour Follows Hour
-32 Flavors
-Every Angle
-Untouchable Face (Fuck You)

The Argument
-Inflatable Amy

Avril Lavigne
-Anything but Ordinary
-I’m With You

The Barenaked Ladies
**Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits
-The Old Apartment
-Brian Wilson (Live)
-Be my Yoko Ono
-it’s only me (the wizard of magicland)
-if I had $1,000,000
-get in line
-lovers in a dangerous time
-what a good boy (live)
-thanks that was fun
-too little too late
-never do anything
-pinch me
-go home
-falling for the first time
-sell sell sell
-humor of the situation
-baby seat
-off the hook
-tonight is the night I fell asleep at the wheel
**Maybe You Should Drive
-alternative girlfriend
-am I the only one
-everything old is new again
-great provider
-life, in a nutshell
-little tiny song
-the wrong man was convicted
-these apples
-you will be waiting
-one week
-it’s all been done
-light up my room
-I’ll be that girl
-call and answer
-who needs sleep
-told you so
-some fantastic
-when you dream

The Beatles
-a little help from my friends
-hey jude
-got to get you into my life
-all you need is love

Ben Folds
-best imitation of myself

Black Eyed Peas
-hey mama

Bon Jovi
-it’s my life

Catch 22
-dear Sergio

Counting Crows
-I’m not sleeping
-have you seen me lately?

David Bowie
-chilly down (from labyrinth)

Dresden Dolls
-girl anachronism
-good day
-coin operated boy (live)
-coin operated boy
-glass slipper
-half jack
-christopher lyden
-bad habit
-bank of boston beauty queen

Escaflowne (movie)
-horse ride
-enter the dragon slayers
-call your name (piano version)

Eve 6
-inside out

Faye Wong
-dream person

The Goo Goo Dolls
-black balloon

-clint eastwood

-into the maze
-fa fa fa

-celebrity skin

-get over it

Jill Sobule
-I kissed a girl

Joni Mitchell
-big yellow taxi

Kate Ryan

Linkin Park
-in the end
-breaking the habit

Little Shop of Horrors
-grow for me
-feed me (get it)

Loudon Wainwright
-I wish I were a lesbian

Lilo and Stitch
-he mele no lilo
-burning love

MC Chris
-dq blizzard
-fett’s vett
-fucking up my Christmas

-fraggle rock theme
-it’s not easy being green

-all apologies

-dragostea din tei crystal mix (bonus track)
-dragostea din tei nectar remix (bonus track)
-dragostea din tei

-champagne supernova
-don’t go away
-don’t go away (acoustic)

Okazaki Ritsuko
-fruits basket opening

PM Dawn
-fantasia’s confidential ghetto

Garden State Soundtrack
-in the waiting line

-I should tell you

Rob Thomas
**Something to Be
-ever the same
-I am an illusion
-all that I am
-fallin’ to pieces

-fly on the wings of love

Sarah McLachlan

Sir Mix-A-Lot
-baby got back

Straylight Run
-existentialism on prom night

System of a Down

Tenecious D
-jesus ranch
-fat albert – warning
-I’m the only gay Eskimo
-fuck her gently
-inward singing
-hard fucking
-cock pushups
-friendship test
-karate schnitzel
-double team
-city hall

-theme song

They Might be Giants
-boss of me

Tom Petty
-don’t come around here no more
-free fallin’

Tori Amos
-crucify (Golgotha mix)

Tracy Chapman
-fast car
-give me one reason


The Vines
-I’m only sleeping

Violent Femmes
-blister in the sun

-dear old shiz
-dancing through life
-I’m not that girl
-a sentimental man
-defying gravity
-I’m not that girl (reprise)
-as long as you’re mine
-for good

*remember, same rules apply to me as for the rest of the community. if you want something, request it on the request post.
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